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Frequently asked questions

What credit card should I get?

No single card is perfect for everyone, so check out our credit card comparison tool. You tell us what you're looking for in a card — rewards, cash back, travel perks or something else — and we'll help you find the options that are right for you.

If you’re still not sure what card to get, feel free to contact us directly, and our team of experts can help. Please include your credit score, the type of card you’re looking for (cash-back, travel, balance transfer, etc.), and any other relevant details in your response so that we can give the best possible recommendation.

What does NerdWallet do?

At NerdWallet, our mission is to provide clarity for all of life's financial decisions. We do this through financial education and empowerment, allowing people like you to make the smartest choices when it comes to issues such as choosing a credit card, insurance or a loan. See our About Us page for more information.

What bank account is best for me?

Many factors go into choosing the best bank account. Some to consider are the types of fees, the minimum balance required, ATM access and overdraft policies. For more information see this article. You can also compare checking accounts here.

How can I find affordable car insurance?

NerdWallet has a great auto insurance tool where you can compare auto insurance quotes. All you need to provide is your ZIP code and your vehicle's year, make and model. You may find this article helpful in sorting out your options.

I have a personal finance question. Where can I find advice?

If you have a personal finance question, we recommend sharing it in the NerdWallet Community (, a forum where you can ask for feedback from other members who may have experience with your situation.

How can I partner with you?

Thanks for your interest in working with NerdWallet. Please send us a request here with some more information about your company and what kind of partnership you are interested in. We’ll make sure to pass it along to the right team to consider.

How does NerdWallet make money?

NerdWallet strives to be transparent with consumers, and in that spirit, we share how we make money. Some of the financial institutions with products on our site may pay us a referral fee when customers are approved for certain products.

Please see here for more information on how we make money and to see some of the institutions we partner with.