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Application advice



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    Victor D

    Hi KTM guy,

    Thanks for reaching out to NerdWallet; I'm happy to offer some information about credit cards!

    While we aren't able to provide personalized financial advice, I've gathered some resources here that you may find helpful:

    Best Regards,


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    you should space your applications out 6 months. If you can see why you were declined, make sure that is what you address before applying for another. I love NerdWallet descriptions of requirements and approval odds based on score. Use this feature before you reapply. I've also noticed i get better approval odds and better limits if i am carrying a balance elsewhere when I apply.

    I was successful with 3 applications made the same day, to different companies because none of the information had hit my report yet. this is the most useful part of the 60 second approval ;)

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