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Debt Consolidation/Home Improvement Loan?



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    Victor D

    Hi Bob,


    Thanks for reaching out to NerdWallet; I'm happy to help you find a loan!


    I recommend completing and submitting this form - you can find it here.


    You'll be prompted to provide some more information about yourself and your loan needs and, based on your credit report and history, see a list of quotes from lenders who you pre-qualify with. You can check with individual lenders to make sure you can use your loan funds for home improvement and debt consolidation. 


    Please keep in mind that submitting this form will result in a soft inquiry only, which will not affect your credit score.


    Best Regards,


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    Eric Simmons

    Hello 👋 Bob
    Yeah, you can do so through Humphrey he's a financial consultant and rep with the navy federal. If you'd need any assistance consult with him and he'd assist you okay? His business contact details 👉 (530)-492-5622.


    Best Regards,


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