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High Credit Score, Low Credit Line


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    Victor D

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for reaching out! I'm so sorry to hear that you were given a low limit credit card although you seem to have a high credit score. I know how disappointing and frustrating that can be! 

    We may only speculate why that limit was set. I suggest contacting the issuing bank and asking them why your limit is $2,000, and if that limit could be increased. The $2,000 limit could be an error, or there may be some metric involved such as how many financial products you've applied for in a certain amount of time, or perhaps the bank is simply not giving credit limits over $2,000 unless you meet some specific criteria.  Visiting a bank branch in person may be more productive in a case like this rather than reaching out to a call center. 

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach back out. 

    Have a pleasant weekend,


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