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2 factor authentication option



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    Hi Petter,

    Thanks for sharing that observation with us!  We appreciate feedback like this from our members and your thoughts will be forwarded to our team for consideration.  We also take our responsibility to protect your confidential information seriously, and use 128-bit encryption to protect your data. You can learn about NerdWallet’s security practices here.

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    Pretty surprised this isn't an option. I'm pretty hesitant to sign up for a financial service that doesn't offer even at least basic MFA via SMS, though MFA through an app like Authy, 1Password or similar is preferred.

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    Victor D

    Hi Jason -

    Thanks for posting to the forum!

    NerdWallet accounts do not contain funds or perform financial transactions; but NerdWallet does use 2 factor authentication when you link financial accounts to your NerdWallet account.

    Best Regards,



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