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Disputed account closed



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    Hi Dina,

    Kudos to you for making good and paying that debt!  Christopher is right, "Closed' accounts typically don't drop off of your credit report just because they are closed, they can remain for 7 years.  If the collection company agreed to remove it from your report, it might just take a while for all of the official paperwork to make its way through the cycle.  And if they agreed to remove it, just keep in contact with them as to when it might be removed.

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    "CLOSED" accounts can still remain on your report for 7 years from date of first default.  There are many potential reasons it hasn't been removed, such as your reason given for the dispute, the reply from the collection company, the reply or reason from the original creditor, etc..

    It is even possible it was closed this reporting period, and will be removed next reporting period. You will have to do your Due Diligence and follow up with both the creditor and the reporting agencies.

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