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66 pt drop?!?!?!



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    Hi Scott, that's a very good question!  Christopher Battista is right, keep all of your payments current and you should rebound soon!  Here are a couple of resources from our content that will be of interest to you:

    • What Factors Affect Your Credit Scores? - This article will explain everything from credit history length, to utilization, to payment history and how each affects your score.

    • How to Use - Here you will find a link to AnnualCreditReport to get your full credit report from each of the three credit bureaus to keep a close watch on anything that might have a negative effect on your credit file.  In the past you could only do that once yearly, however they have eased up on those restrictions and now allow you to track your credit report weekly.

    Congrats on the new card!

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    Depending on the age and strength of the rest of your credit, YES, it can make total sense. maintain positive payments for the next 6 months and your should see a rebound beyond your previous score. Maybe even sooner.

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