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Verizon & Goodwill Deletions



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    In my experience Verizon isn't very accommodating, even when your account is open(as you already know). However, it is always worth a shot. Important detail is if you paid the debt in full to VERIZON or if you paid it to a debt collector. 
    If you paid Verizon in full directly, I would give them a call and politely explain that you had an agreement with them and you were paying as per the agreement. Your account is now current and could they please remove the derogatory "as per the agreement". Politeness goes a long way with this phone call.

    If you paid a "collector" for the balance, you basically acknowledged the debt derogatory and probably won't be able to make any changes.

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    shannon anderson

    Thank You for your input (just realized I didn't say that a week ago!)

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