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Credit Score all over the place


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    Hi Blake, and thanks for your question. I can certainly understand your confusion!

    I can't say for sure why your score is being so dramatically affected by small changes, but one possibility comes to mind. Have you started building credit somewhat recently, or do you have a relatively small number of accounts? If you've only been using credit for a year or two, or only have a couple of accounts associated with your credit profile, minor events like these could have an outsized impact on your score.

    I'm sorry I can't offer a more specific answer but if you're paying off your balances every month, keeping a low credit utilization ratio all month, and avoiding new hard inquiries, you'll likely see your score bounce back again before too long.

    If you haven't already, I'd also recommend taking a close look at your full credit report to make sure it doesn't contain any errors or unexpected activity that needs to be disputed with TransUnion. If you find anything like this, let me know and I can offer advice for getting that corrected.

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