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When will my credit report update?


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    Hi smileyface! Welcome to the NerdWallet member forums.

    So, if you made a payment in the last couple of weeks, you should expect to see it reflected on your credit report in the next few weeks.

    Each month, the banks that issue your credit cards/loans send information about your accounts to the major U.S. credit bureaus, like our partner TransUnion. The credit bureaus then update this information on your credit report.  We sync with TransUnion weekly to get your updated credit profile information. However, TransUnion can only send us updated information about your accounts if the banks have already sent their monthly reports. Consequently, there's sometimes a lag of a few of weeks between when you make a payment and when this information is reflected on your credit report.

    In general, you can expect your report to update 4-6 weeks after a payment.

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