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Accurately Reflect Refunds and Reimbursements in Budget


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    Victor D

    Hi Durel -


    Thanks for posting to the NerdWallet Community Forum!


    Your NerdWallet account should behave as you indicated. If you spend $300 on dining and and also have a $250 "cash in" transaction categorized as dining rather than income, you should have $50 in dining expenses. The $250 transaction is likely mis-categorized as "income" or an "internal transfer" if it's not registering correctly in your budget. You can make changes to any transaction that is no longer pending by selecting the transaction and clicking on "edit" (web interface) or touching the pencil icon (phone app). 


    Refunds and reimbursements are income, but can be placed under other categories instead of income, and will still show as "cash in". Please send us a message at if you need more help with this.


    Best regards,


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