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Request: Pending Transactions in Cashflow



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    Victor D

    Hi there -


    Thanks for reaching out to NerdWallet; we really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us!


    Pending transactions often change or are reversed before finalizing, however; so including them in the cash flow could result in permanent errors. For example, restaurant transactions are usually posted as pending in the original amount, but after a tip is added, the pending transaction is updated to include the tip.  Hotels and motels often post an "incidentals hold" to credit cards in a pending state, and if you don't make any incidental charges such as room service or pay per view movies, the pending transaction is canceled and reversed.


    Best regards,


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    Mia Bentel

    Agree that we need it included in spending, particularly in categories!
    It's fine if it isn't completely accurate - we should be given the choice to have them included or not (could just be a setting we can toggle). The pending transaction can just be removed from the totals once it's gone.

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