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US Dollar devalued quickly.


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    The dollar has always been fake, people blame Nixon, but it was Roosevelt in the 30s that started this mess. diminishing value is heavily related to much more than just the PetroDollar, but it is a good example of how fiat currency is affected by Velocity of Exchange. 

    it is my advice Wally, that you are invested in real tangible goods. I feel like most of the country views money backward. We are always looking at the price of goods, rather than the value of the currency, and how much goods a dollar can buy. 
    So think about turning those Depreciating dollars into Appreciating assets. I would much rather hold $1,000,000 of land across the country, than $1,000,000 in cash.

    When the dollar crashes it will be replaced with something else. you will be able to trade that land for the new currency. Maybe it's land, Cars, Rolex watches, or stockpile of ammunition.  Tangible goods are valuable in every currency. past present and future.

    much like any other investment strategy, diversify.

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