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What is pulling my score down?


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    Victor D

    Hi there,


    Thanks for reaching out to NerdWallet! While we're not able to see your credit score or report directly, we're happy to help point you in the right direction to figure out what might have caused your credit score to drop.


    Even though we can't say the exact reason why your credit score has dropped, we can share that in most cases a score drop  can be caused by an increase in your reported credit utilization ratio.


    If you had a card with a higher balance that was reported to the credit bureaus, it can cause a significant dip in your credit score, even if the higher balance was reported just before it was paid down. If a higher than usual balance is what caused your score to drop, your credit score should jump back up on its own next month, if you have already paid off the additional balances on any of your credit cards. 


    However, if you don't believe that higher credit utilization is what has caused your credit score to drop, we highly recommend reviewing your credit report carefully to search for other possible causes, and reviewing What Factors Affect Your Credit Score for more information. A missed payment typically remains on your credit report for 7 years. Some scoring models will still penalize a paid collections account, while other scoring models may not. 


    Best regards,


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