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Voluntary Repossession Charge off / Bad debt


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    Victor D

    Thanks for posting to the NerdWallet Community Forum, Stormie!


    We're sorry to hear that there may be incorrect information on your credit report. We have a couple of informative articles that may help you: 



    In general, if the derogatory mark or debt you're writing in about is valid, it can be difficult to have it removed from your credit report. Depending on the derogatory marks and debts, it may take seven to ten years for them to drop off your credit report. Here's a resource with more information: How to Get a Collections Stain Off Your Credit Report.


    However, if this derogatory mark is an error, you should be able to get it removed from your credit report. It can take some persistence and time, but it is possible to do. For more information on how to start a dispute, I recommend checking out this resource with more details: How to Dispute Credit Report Errors


    Best Regards,


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