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Choosing a credit card



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    Stacey N

    Hi Dylan!

    Thanks for reaching out to NerdWallet; I'm happy to offer some information about credit cards and building your credit!

    While we aren't able to provide personalized financial advice, I've gathered some resources here that you may find helpful:


    The 'Money Questions' section of the NerdWallet Community can also be great places to crowdsource ideas from other members who may have recent experience with this. Feel free to post your questions!




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    go to the credit card hub on nerd wallet. go straight to "best credit cards" and look at the required scores. you will see most are looking for a 680+.  pick one with no fees and run with it. building credit is not the same as cultivating rewards.

    In my experience (i have 10 cards now) your travel points won't work until you have built a better score 750+ and pay annual fees. that's why I go straight for cash rewards. spend my cash wherever i want and don't have to do any weird math to calculate my miles, points etc and don't have to figure out how much i spend annually just for the right to earn points. all my rewards are free.

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