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Search bar feature



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    Victor D

    Hi jmb -

    Thanks for reaching out to NerdWallet; we really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us.

    We definitely see how a transaction history search could be very useful and have shared your comments with the appropriate team for consideration. 

    It may be a bit clunky, but web browsers will generally let you search for text on a page that's open in your browser window. Try control-F in Windows or command-F on Apple devices, or look up the text search command for the browser you're using.

    Best Regards,



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    I would also like this feature. Ctrl+F is useful for transactions you have loaded, but if you are looking for a transaction from a few months ago, loading back to that point becomes tedious (I have asked my wife to reduce how many transactions we have a month, she does not feel my pain😬)

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