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Car title loan refinancing



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    Victor D

    Hi Kendall,

    Thanks for reaching out to NerdWallet!  We're sorry to hear about the emergency and the bursted pipes. 

    While we're not able to offer personalized financial advice, here are some resources that should help point you in the right direction:



    Best Regards,


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    The issue you face, is that the Title Pawn shops want full control of your title in the event you default. they will not want to share a lien with another Title Pawn. You would have to convince them that you are going to pay off the original title loan with the money, and you WILL NOT be successful with this. For you i think you are better to search for a personal loan that will repay your Title loan and cover your new expense.  the PERSONAL LOANS section on Nerdwallet is a great place to start. be honest with your answers and it will provide the lenders with the best chance of approving you.

    a personal loan will free your car from title pawn lien and get your interest rate on payments much lower. I know loans are harder to qualify for, but that's why these title pawn places are so successful with their 25% rates, you can be stuck with these people forever.

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