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Points and Itineraries



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    Victor D

    Hi Nathan - Thanks for reaching out to NerdWallet; that's a great question!

    We don’t currently have any resources to help with this. I suggest contacting the credit card issuer(s) you intend to apply to. 

    One more option is to have your question answered on the NerdWallet SmartMoney podcast. Call or text 901-730-6373 or email to submit your question.

    Best Regards,


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    Courtney Mihocik

    Hi Nathan, 

    I'm actually in the same boat, with my husband. I have 90K-ish miles with American Airlines and he has 25K. Our plan is to transfer his miles to my account for around $375 (transfer fee with American). It's much cheaper than paying out of pocket and it ensures that we have enough miles on my account to book the tickets on the same itinerary. 

    I'm assuming you're getting one of the Citi / Aadvantage cards for the sign up bonus. However, 120K points is enough to book the trips. American Airlines' award flight chart shows that flights to Europe are 30K per person for one-way travel. So, if you book two one-way travel itineraries for two people (one way for going to Europe and one way for returning to US) you should have enough miles. Just make sure you select "one-way" and "redeem miles" when you book online. 

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