How are my assets and debts calculated?

“Asset” and “debt” (sometimes called “liability”) are personal financial terms that you may run across when you’re using your NerdWallet account. “Assets” are generally things that you own, while “debts” and “liabilities” usually refer to things that you owe. 

For example, the balance that’s in your bank and investment accounts are considered “assets”, because they belong to you, whereas credit card balances or student loans are considered “debts”, because you owe this money to someone else.

Your assets and debts are updated every night, so some transactions that are made during the day may not show up until the following day. Note is that pending transactions might not show up on your account until they are posted (finalized) with the merchant’s bank.

Our platform tracks assets and liabilities to help you better understand your progress towards your financial goals each month. Feel free to read more about this here: How to Find Your Net Worth

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